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Helping Plan For Your Family’s Future

Everyone wants their accumulated wealth to be distributed to the loved ones, friends and charitable causes of their choice. However, insufficient estate planning can cause years of headaches for surviving family members and thwart the desires and plans of the deceased for the distribution of property.

Helping You Make Good Decisions During A Challenging Time

At McElligott Ewan & Hall, a Professional Corporation, we recognize the importance of estate planning. Our clients want their families to be taken care of when they pass away, and our extensive experience in estate planning allows us to guide them toward this goal. Since 1985, we have been assisting our clients in estate planning, taking them through every step of the process and helping them make informed and educated decisions.

Our estate planning services include:

Navigating You Through A Complex And Emotional Process

Upon a person’s death, some relatives may feel they are entitled to more than what the will stipulates, leading them to contest the deceased’s will. At McElligott Ewan & Hall, a Professional Corporation, we are familiar with these situations, and we offer reliable legal representation in probate and estate administration.

Should you require the services of a committed lawyer who is efficient with probate, estate planning and estate administration, call us at the Missouri law office of McElligott Ewan & Hall, a Professional Corporation, to schedule a consultation.

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