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Looking Out For The Best Interests Of Your Loved Ones

The selection of a guardian or conservator is a course of action that requires an individual whose sole focus is on the best interests of the person who requires a certain level of care and protection. At McElligott Ewan & Hall, we help to facilitate the process, bringing experience, knowledge and unwavering dedication.

Navigating Missouri Residents Through The Conservatorship And Guardianship Process

Minors and adults who cannot care for themselves often require help from the courts. That assistance comes in the form of guardians who provide care for a minor or adult or conservators (individuals, banks, trusts or corporations) who manage property for them. For children, parents usually hold those roles. If an adult is incapacitated, family members are usually appointed by the courts.

Both guardians and conservators must act in the best interests in the care of their loved ones. Children need guardians who will make key decisions for medical care and education. Adults require trusted guidance and support in housing and medical care. Conservators hold an important fiduciary role in investments and asset management while accounting for income and expenditures.

The estate planning attorneys at our law firm are committed to protecting children and adults who cannot protect themselves. We take these designations seriously and provide ongoing support throughout the entire process.

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