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Making An Uncertain Future More Certain

Combining more than 100 years of experience, the Missouri-based divorce lawyers at McElligott Ewan & Hall will focus on your best interests. While ending a marriage often focused on rehashing the past, we help you focus on your future. We strive to bring some certainty and peace of mind during an uncertain and chaotic time.

Navigating You Through The Complex Process Of Property Division

The end of a marriage forces couples to address a variety of issues. One of the most complicated and contentious aspects of a divorce involve the division of real property (the family home) and personal property (cars, furniture, cash, bank accounts, investments and retirement benefits). From there, determinations must be made regarding what is marital and non-marital property.

Disputes often arise over marital and non-marital property. Marital property involves assets acquired during the marriage while non-marital or separate properties are assets belonging to one spouse.

The Need For Sound And Seasoned Legal Counsel

While general rules exist, there are exceptions and other complexities. Legal help is vital in protecting your possessions and your future. Particularly when non-marital property is blended or commingled with marital property.

As with any aspect of divorce, amicable solutions to property division help speed up the process and help both parties to start their new lives. Whether you are willing to take advantage of our divorce mediation services or see litigation as your only option, we remain at your side throughout the entire process.

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For help with dividing marital assets, contact a dedicated family law attorney in Independence and Kansas City. Call McElligott Ewan & Hall, a Professional Corporation.

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