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Protecting Your Rights And Well-Being

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Many couples split-up over one spouse committing violence or a husband or wife. Others face wrongful accusations of abuse, oftentimes to gain leverage on support and custody-related matters after a divorce filing. Regardless of the side we represent, we understand the high-stakes nature of these cases. Injuries from violence heal, but the psychological damage remains.

At McElligott Ewan & Hall, we are proactive in protecting both your safety and your legal rights. On behalf of Kansas and Missouri residents, we both pursue and dispute orders of protection.

Protecting Your Rights By Getting To The Facts

When situations do not make sense, our attorneys handle your case sensibly. If you are a victim of abuse or false allegations of violence, you need help in overcoming the odds they face. You need legal counsel who will conduct the necessary fact-finding and get to the truth.

While protective orders are meant to shield you from harm, they are only as effective as the other party’s willingness to follow them. In many cases, we return to court to ensure enforcement of restraining orders.

Dedication And Diligence During Difficult Times

The end of a marriage is difficult enough without adding accusations and acts of violence to an already stressful situation. If you need help pursuing or defending against a restraining order in addition to a divorce action, contact a domestic violence lawyer at McElligott Ewan & Hall in Independence.

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