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Revisiting Your Divorce Agreement When Times Change

The finalization of a divorce allows you to move on with your life. Whether you mediated or litigated, legal documents exist that you and your now ex-spouse must adhere to. As the years pass, life changes. Children grow older and have different needs. A layoff, new job or promising relationship may necessitate revising the original divorce decree.

At McElligott Ewan & Hall, our attorneys’ combined experience of over a century means that we have represented clients on both sides of modifications and enforcements. Since we established our law firm in 1985, we have helped Missouri and Kansas residents get through the challenging processes.

Holding Ex-Spouses Accountable For Violating Divorce Agreements

Changes in child or spousal support can become difficult, especially when one spouse fears a reduction in money that they count on for their children or themselves. However, if valid reasons exist to modify any aspect of a divorce decree, we will attend to every detail in building a strong case. If your spouse is hiding assets or under or unemployed by choice, we conduct thorough investigations.

We are diligent and dedicated in protecting the best interests of you and your children, especially when a spouse is refusing to abide by visitation agreements or make support payments. Your lawyer at our Independence-based firm will be proactive in pursuing enforcements and hold your uncooperative or non-paying spouse responsible for the document they signed.

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