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With ownership of commercial property comes the responsibility to ensure safe passage for any visitors or patrons. Owners of hotels, shopping malls and other businesses must ensure that they are aware of hazardous conditions and provide adequate warnings and repairs. When they fall short, accidents occur.

Since 1985, the personal injury attorneys at McElligott Ewan & Hall have helped even the odds that victims of negligence face. If you or a loved one suffered serious, life-changing injuries in a fall or assault, take action with one telephone call to our Independence law firm.

Dedicated And Diligent Representation For Kansas And Missouri Accident Victims

Premises liability claims can take various forms, including injuries caused by sidewalk cracks, uneven pavement, loose stair railings and poorly lit parking lots. Following your initial consultation, we will tailor strategies based on your specific needs and goals. We employ all of our resources toward maximizing the compensation you are entitled to.

You can rely on our firm to conduct thorough investigations that focuses on where the property owner fell short in identifying and repairing the defect. We prepare all cases for trial, even though a majority of personal injury claims settle. We want the opposing side to know that we will litigate if it does not provide the best possible outcome.

We take proactive steps in handling your case and we encourage you to do the same. Time is of the essence in the hours and days following a slip-and-fall accident. Insurance companies have more time to convince you to settle before retaining legal counsel.

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Our personal injury lawyers handle all premises liability claims on a contingency basis. To schedule an initial consultation, contact McElligott Ewan & Hall.

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